This data portal is designed to present data on the electronic communications market in the Republic of Slovenia. 

The data was last refresh at: 02.06.2023
The charts and tables are provided for information purposes only. They are based on the data obtained through data collected quarterly and through other means. The penetration of individual services is calculated based on the data from the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, specifically the number of residences from the census and EU-SILC, and the number of residents from officially published data for individual periods. Any discrepancies with the data from these charts and the tables from past periods are the result of data corrections submitted by operators. The Agency reserves the right do decide on the content of its reports.
There is no data available for selected period or data for the quarter / year is not displayed in the case of trend graphs:
Penetration of fixed broadband access by households SURS (EU-SILC)
2020/1Q 2020/2Q 2020/3Q 2020/4Q 2021/1Q 2021/2Q 2021/3Q 2021/4Q 2022/1Q 2022/2Q 2022/3Q 2022/4Q 2023/1Q
Penetration of fixed broadband access by households SURS (Register-based Census from 2015) 83.10 83.58 83.99 84.84 85.44 85.75 86.18 83.18 83.50 83.68 83.87 84.03 84.05
Penetration of fixed broadband access by population SURS 32.70 32.86 32.98 33.13 33.41 33.56 33.73 33.91 34.07 34.16 34.20 34.23 34.14

One of the more significant indicators of the electronic communications market's development is broadband access penetration, calculated as the number of residential and business broadband connections per number of inhabitants or households in the Republic of Slovenia. 

Until the third quarter of 2012, the Agency calculated the penetration based on broadband internet access connections. As of 2012, the European Commission began requesting that regulators report the total number of broadband connections, and not only the internet access connections, and started using this data to calculate broadband access penetration.


The online link below provides a quarterly report on the development of the electronic communications market for the first quarter of 2019.


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