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Fixed telephone services market

In relation to the fixed telephone services market, the following charts are available:

Operators offer fixed voice communications as a traditional fixed telephone service or as IP telephone service. IP telephone service is increasingly replacing traditional telephone service, as is evident from the growth trend of IP telephone service to the determent of the traditional telephone service. A substitute for the latter is managed IP telephone service, especially because of the main areas included in the regulatory aspect, namely: numbering, number porting and access to emergency call services, the obligation of network interconnection and end-to-end connectivity. 

Most operators offer IP telephone services in affordable service bundles (double play, triple play or quadruple play), and this is also one of the most frequent reasons for the transition from traditional to IP telephone services. These converged solutions comprise fixed telephone service (IP telephone services), data transfer, TV and mobile telephone services, and the customer concludes an agreement for all the services in the bundle with one operator, who then issues a single invoice for them. The traditional telephone service cannot compete with IP telephone services in terms of pricing, and, since it is not a convergent service, operators are not including it in bundles. Bundles of electronic communication services have a significant impact on the growth of IP telephone services.

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