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In relation to the television market, the following charts are available:

Television is very popular among users. End users are however no longer satisfied with basic channels, but have come to expect diverse channel bundles, a high quality and reliability of services, and advanced extra services. 

The arrival of digital IP TV made it possible to broadcast HD channels’ sets come with a higher resolution than standard, making it possible to display video in a higher quality and to watch channels in high definition (HD). 

The development of television services is also boosted by the fact that the culture of watching TV is changing. People have a growing array of options to access news and other information of their interest (TV, newspapers, internet, social networks, etc.). Digital TV providers have responded to this trend by providing interactivity, such as video on demand, recording, time-shift services for watching the content later, connecting computers with TV screens, etc. 

Operators have been tailoring their services to the users, who can now watch the content when they want to, at any place or time. The services are increasingly tailored to the individual, with the focus on the increased connectivity of the computer and the TV screen. Online video providers are also adapting to these changes, offering growing libraries of films, series, shows, and new content that users can watch on their TV screen over the computer and. 

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